Commercial: Commercial construction is where it all began for Lincoln Builders. From a 600 square foot filling station in 1962 to the completion of a 400,000 square foot corporate headquarters, Lincoln’s commitment remains the same - a totally satisfied customer.

Educational: The construction of educational facilities is very demanding. Whether projects are public or private, bid or negotiated, our goal is to completely satisfy the client and provide an environment where learning can flourish.

Industrial: Lincoln’s ability to deliver projects without delay helps get the client’s production online quickly for timely revenue generation!To assure the client achieves timely revenue generation by getting production online quickly, Lincoln Builders is committed to delivering their projects without delay.

Hospitality: Meeting the needs of our client is always important. In the hotel construction segment of our business, we must take it one step further. Hotel owners can count on Lincoln Builders to deliver quality construction with attention to detail.

Religious: Lincoln Builders is proud of its history of working with churches to meet the growing needs of their congregations. It has always been our vision to provide services to churches, and it continues to be one of the most rewarding services we provide.

Healthcare: Quality healthcare is a vital component in the life of any community. As healthcare delivery methods continue to evolve, we have led the way in the construction of medical centers, surgical centers, medical office buildings and related support facilities.


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